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What specific things will pilates and yoga do for my body?

I%26#039;m sorry I%26#039;ve asked similar things to this a couple times. I didn%26#039;t get very many answers. I was mainly wondering if pilates and yoga can help me loose weight. Thanks!|||Pilates are really good to tone your abs. If you have little fat on your stomach, then those are really good for you so your abs show. But if you want to lose fat, do aerobic exersising like jogging, along with pilates about 2 times a week. Good luck=]|||By Yog asanas, we remove the distortions and disabilities of the physical body and bring it into discipline. However Pranayama influences the subtle and the physical bodies in a greater measure than Yogsanas do and that too in a perceptible manner. In the human body, lungs, heart and brain hold very important positions and they depend on each other heavily for their health.|||Pilates will tone you

I want to start doing some Yoga but which style do i choose?

I know they%26#039;re loads of different styles of Yoga but does it really matter which i choose? i have ADHD and im hyper all the time, getting into trouble and i need to calm myself, i found out Yoga is the best thing for the job. So what would you recommend for me? i plan on doing Yoga for the rest of my life because of the fantastic benefits plus i need to control myself if im to get anywhere in the world, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thank you.|||The descriptions of various styles at following limk may help you get an idea as to what sounds appealing, but don%26#039;t be surprised if there does not happen to be an instructor near you for that particular style.

My own opinion is that finding a teacher you connect with is more important than than individual style, so you may want to sample whatever is available near you.



Since there are so many yoga methods this really is a matter of personal choice. I found this article that talks about 10 or so methods. I highly recommend you read it and see what %26quot;fits%26quot; your interests. Looks like there are other links in that article to even more good yoga information so check that out too.|||To relax and live in peace the rest of your life, I suggest that you go with hatha yoga. It combines yoga poses and deep breathing exercises. It%26#039;s very effective for you. You can take this good free yoga e-course also:

Peace|||just visit some local studios in your area. some of them should have a free class you can try.

How do you clean a yoga mat?

well my dogs did a number on my yoga mat and its pretty bad, how am i suppose to clean it?|||Step1

Don%26#039;t share your mat.

This is the first simple rule of avoiding a fungal or bacterial infection from a yoga mat. Buy your own mat and make it exclusively yours. Don%26#039;t share it with anyone. Consider your yoga mat to be as personal as your toothbrush and you%26#039;ll reduce your risk of contracting a nasty foot infection.


Use your washing machine.

Most people don%26#039;t realize they can clean their mat in the washing machine. Use cold water along with a mild detergent and stop the dryer before it goes through the spin cycle. Once removed from the dryer, lay the mat out to dry completely before storing it. Avoid exposing your mat to heat as this can cause the fibers of the mat to break down.


Cleaning a slightly soiled mat.

If your mat only has light soiling and doesn%26#039;t require a cycle through the washing machine, you can mix a cup of warm water with several drops of mild detergent to create a dilute, soapy mixture. Use a sponge to gently massage the soiled areas with your homemade solution. Follow up by sponging down with a sponge dampened in warm water. Allow your mat to dry thoroughly.


Clean it lightly after every use.

To keep your mat looking and smelling fresh, spray it lightly with a mat cleaning spray. To make your own all-natural mat cleaning spray, add three drops of tea tree oil, two drops of peppermint oil, and two drops of lavender oil to distilled water. Mix thoroughly and place the solution in a spray bottle. Spray your mat lightly after every use and wipe it down gently with a damp sponge.


Have a regular cleaning schedule.

To keep your mat looking and smelling great, have a regular cleaning schedule. In addition to spraying it after every use, place it in the washer every three to four weeks for a more thorough cleansing.

______________|||If your mat is lightly soiled, use a spray bottle, damp sponge, or terry cloth rag to apply a solution of two cups of water and four drops of dish soap. Rub the soiled areas. Wipe the mat with clean water; then rub with a dry terry cloth towel. Hang to air dry.

If your mat is heavily soiled, submerge it in a solution of warm water and mild detergent; use very little soap as any residue may cause the mat to become slippery during future use. Thoroughly hand wash the mat and rinse in clean water. After squeezing out the excess water, lay the mat on a dry towel and roll the mat and towel together. Stepping on the rolled up mat will squeeze more moisture out of the mat and into the towel. Then unroll and hang to air dry.|||Try a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% water...or...some baking soda and a bit of water.

What's the difference between Yoga and Pilates Classes at the gym?

Yoga principally is against Christian religious beliefs so perhaps pilates would be better.|||yoga is more stretching the muscles. Pilates is strengthening them. I%26#039;ve done both and yoga can be tough but it%26#039;s easy going and I like to do it before a jog or something. But Pilates is a workout of it%26#039;s own and you can be as sore as if you just did some weight training. They are both good for stretching and flexibility|||about 拢40 a class in notting

What would be the best Yoga or meditation camp or vacation for my parents in India?

I want to send my parents to a vacation where they can relax and do some yoga and meditation. I want the whole trip be comfortable and can be booked online. Any suggestions?|||It%26#039;s true there are many.

Try Isha Foundation near Coimbatore.

Site is- ishafoundation.orgy

Good luck to your parents for a nice time!|||there are a lot of places in India for the same. Health Spas, yoga centres, holistic healing centres etc etc. also there are a lot of places which although do not provide the above but are good places to relax and unwind. if you can tell me what is ur approx budget for the same is, i will be able to recommend a few places.|||kerala is a good place for meditation and yoga.|||as heard Kerala is a good place for meditation..

How long should I do yoga for every day?

I%26#039;ve taken some classes in the past but now to save some money I%26#039;ve downloaded some yoga videos. There%26#039;s ones that are only 20minutes long and others that are 30-60min. Is it sufficient enough for me to do the 20min one or maybe a 20min one twice a day?|||its best to start out 20 min a day for a week then next week 30 for another week then 60 min then start back the same way back over again|||Dear friend, thanks for your query. You may have to select a few rigorous yogas and practice them 30 minutes everyday of your life when the stomach is empty. This will not only balances you physically, it will also helps to keep balance mentally. Determination and will power are the most important instruments in any activity. Wish you all the best.

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How do I protect my hair from a heated room like bikram yoga class or a sauna?

I naturally have very thick, dry, and brittle hair. I am taking up bikram yoga and was wondering if anyone know how I would proctect my hair from all that heat. I%26#039;ve noticed when I sit in a sauna for 20 mins. I%26#039;ve noticed that my hair gets super dry and more damaged.|||leave in conditioner and a head wrap|||Condition before sauna ( leave in conditioner) and wrap with towel, or terry cloth headcover designed for this type of problem.|||wet your hair (if possible), and wrap up in a towel before you go in.try and massage your hair with warm coconut oil before you go to bed and wash it off next day|||wrap a towel around your hair